At Bloom, we support our residents to carry on enjoying the everyday routines we all cherish. Our homes offer a wide variety of lifestyle choices tailored to ability, goals and aspirations not limited by risk and disability.


Welcome to Bloomcare

The care of our residents is our primary priority. Our care is person focused, recognising the uniqueness of each individual and their rich life experiences; this is at the heart of our care delivery.

We blend our assessments and subsequently tailor every care package to meet individual physical, emotional and social needs, wishes and preferences: this is described as person-centred care.

We recognise that the transition into a care setting can be a very emotional life experience. Our relationship with every resident, their family and friends is integral to ensuring a seamless transition, enabling residents to continue their interests and lifestyle with discreet and sensitive support that retains dignity and wellbeing. The relationships we build are essential to excellence in care – our philosophy of care reflects Nolan’s (2006) Senses Framework, which recognises the need to meet six senses, not only for the people we care for but also for their close family/friends, and our care teams.

The six senses are a sense of:

  • Security
  • Continuity
  • Belonging
  • Purpose
  • Achievement
  • Significance

This approach is both personalised and collaborative, recognising that meeting residents’ needs and wishes is essential and that this is a partnership approach based on strong and positive relationships: this is described as relationship-centred care.